Microsoft 365 Certified Developer MS-600 Exam Prep

This course prepares developers to take and pass the MS-600 exam, the only prerequisite to achieving the Microsoft 365: Developer Associate certification.

Prepare efficiently, on your schedule, at a fraction of the cost

What you need is a guide... a roadmap... to the certification exam.

It takes time to figure out all the different topics you need to know. You should focus your time on preparing for the exam.

In this course, you learn what topics the exam covers for each of the five (5) Microsoft 365 workloads. I explain what you need to know about each topic and which ones you can ignore.

What about hands-on labs? I've already them created for Microsoft - you shouldn't (and won't) have to pay for them.

For each topic, I'll bring you to these same hands-on labs. They are always current and unlike the in-person courses, you can complete these at your own pace if you need the extra practice.

Start preparing for the MS-600 exam today!

Learn from Andrew Connell, one of the creators of the certification, and don't pay for time-consuming and overpriced exam prep courses. This course is the best resource to prepare you for the MS-600 exam and to become a certified Microsoft 365 Developer Associate!

What you'll get:

  • Immediate on-demand access to lessons & resources
  • "What you need to know" checklist for all Microsoft 365 workloads
  • Curated resources for all Microsoft 365 tested workloads
  • Access to student-only mastermind group to ask questions
  • Future additions & updates
  • MS-600 exam guidance, insights, and tips
  • Access to all resources for 90 days - plenty of time to prepare for the exam

Unable to take the MS-600 exam within 90 days of your enrollment? Contact us for an extension.