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Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Ultimate Bundle

  • Immediate access to the Starter, Fundamentals & Ultimate Bundles of the Mastering the SharePoint Framework course
  • 15+ additional chapters covering advanced development concepts for SharePoint Framework
  • Includes all updates to existing videos and new content added in the future, at no additional cost to you
  • Invitations to attend regular office hours, hosted by Andrew Connell, to answer your burning questions about SharePoint Framework development
  • Access to the Ultimate student-only mastermind group
  • 70+ sample project code downloads for hands-on practice of new concepts
  • 240+ videos of lessons & recorded demos

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What People Are Saying:

I just wanted to say cheers for your persistence at delivering quality learning material, which is helping me retain my position of lead SharePoint Developer. I love the self-paced learning model, I love the enthusiasm and speed of your updates, and your session on leveraging external resources (such as Azure Functions) was an absolute delight for me, as a C# developer of 19 long years! One of my colleagues is a JS wizard, and she churns out every SPFx web part that I design. Now we can start doing real value-add projects for our business where I create APIs and Azure Functions so that we can create web parts with live integration into many of our specialist industry systems, as well as more mainstream platforms such as Dynamics 365. Finally, … I simply want to say thank you.

Steve Farrall

Today I was trying to explain to my 16y old son, about why I got this SPFx course from voitanos.io: I told him, that if you compare the available SharePoint Framework Trainings that I found so far to ‘instructions how to clean the floor of a house’, most other courses only explain how to go through each room with a broom. Andrew on the other side does not only explain how to sweep and wet clean the floor, but also how to open up the floor boards and look underneath for dust.

Archim Ismaili

The Office Hours session was awesome. Thanks, for the course on Mastering the SharePoint Framework. I have 10 years of experience in SharePoint development. Most of my experience is towards server-side code. Your course narrows down the learning path in new SPFx development. Thanks again for enlightening me in SPFx development. Cheers!

Sundarapandian Balasubra

Your videos really helped me, and knowing there’s office hours so I can get help is awesome! I love this course! It explains not only how to do things but why they’re done that way, so you actually learn it. My code has improved in function and readability!

Sam Collins