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Upgrade to the Ultimate bundle & expand your SPFx education to include topics such as:

  • Sharing code between projects
  • Team-based deployment techniques
  • Customizing and extending gulp & webpack
  • Localizing SPFx projects for multilingual scenarios
  • Continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD) with Azure  DevOps & GitHub Actions
  • Implement automated testing
  • Implement continuous monitoring, logging & telemetry reporting with Azure Application Insights

And more!

All Ultimate subscribers get the following additional benefits:

  • Additional 100+ videos of lessons & recorded demos
  • Additional 40+ sample project code downloads
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  • Invitations to regular monthly office hours to ask your questions and interact with other students (exclusive to Ultimate bundle subscribers)

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Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Fundamentals Bundle

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  • Includes all updates to existing videos and new content added in the future, at no additional cost to you
  • 15+ chapters covering core development concepts for the SharePoint Framework
  • Sample project code downloads for hands-on practice of new concepts
  • 140+ videos of lessons & recorded demos

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What People Are Saying:

Overall, it is worth my money and time. Thank you so much for putting this together and can't wait until I get to the Ultimate package!

Kathleen Boilek

I just wanted to say cheers for your persistence at delivering quality learning material, which is helping me retain my position of lead SharePoint Developer. I love the self-paced learning model, I love the enthusiasm and speed of your updates, and your session on leveraging external resources (such as Azure Functions) was an absolute delight for me, as a C# developer of 19 long years! One of my colleagues is a JS wizard, and she churns out every SPFx web part that I design. Now we can start doing real value-add projects for our business where I create APIs an Azure Functions so that we can create web parts with live integration into many of our specialist industry systems, as well as more mainstream platforms such as Dynamics 365. Finally, … I simply want to say thank you.

Steve Farrall

Andrew helps you focus on the aspects that are going to be important moving forward. The videos are short, which allows for dividing the process into smaller tasks. No goofy quizzes, thankfully. I also have learned a ton about command line coding and troubleshooting errors. The code samples are super helpful for comparing your code with a completed example. As a citizen developer with mostly CSS experience, I was intimidated by the idea of doing SharePoint development, but I am starting to feel that it could be in reach thanks to this course.

Melissa Burton

My experience with coding prior to your course was all on the job Excel VBA and a little HTML/Javascript. No formal training or courses. Because of my lack of professional training, I really liked the way your course walked me through a project from setting up the tool chain, to creating my first webpart, to the more advanced topics like analytics. I also like that you do spend time talking about the “why” as well because it shows that there is a thought behind it… good or bad. Thanks again for your course! So far I’m on my fourth SPFx/React webpart and hope to have many more!

Mike Zimmerman