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Mastering the SharePoint Framework

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MS-600 Exam Prep | Building apps with Microsoft 365 Core Services

Save 30% today only!

"YES! I passed this exam with near-to 900 score! I loved how extensively and concisely you described what I need to study for which workload. I was impressed how up-to date the course is. I felt optimally prepared for the exam, although I am relatively new to development. Getting detailed info on learning objectives first hand by an expert while I could just study whenever it fit into my life was essential to me. I want to emphasize that I absolutely LOVED how you explained SharePoint, and I’m pretty proud that I got 100% of the SPFx questions correctly. Your course was an invaluable source of knowledge, go-to reference for me, and really guided me from just guesswork to actually knowing what to do."

Luise Freese
Microsoft 365 Consultant, Microsoft MVP

"Far beyond the value of the actual course content that comes as part of the SPFx Ultimate Bundle (which is a lot), the access to the mastermind group that is just for Ultimate Bundle students and the community around that group make the Ultimate Bundle worth every single penny. The amount of time other students and Andrew Connell have saved me by being able to answer every question I throw at them is invaluable! There really is no other option I would recommend to anyone for SPFx training."

Mark Rackley
Partner, PAIT Group | Microsoft MVP

"Thank you for work in educating the SharePoint community. You have been a go-to resource for me for many years. Finally looking at a real client project to build some SPFx web parts and then show the client how to build more on their own. My first step was to point them to your free resources to get them started, and then your full Mastering video course if they want to really learn this stuff. I’ve found nothing better than your content to explain what matters to a developer in a clear and concise manner."

Dan White
Manager, Technology Consulting, Protiviti

"Thanks to the team at Voitanos, I aced the MS-600 exam. What I appreciate about Voitanos course material is their focus on exactly what you need to know, what you don’t need to know, and the material is frequently updated to keep content fresh and relevant. Andrew is a great course author and instructor. I’m looking forward to what he and his team produce next!"

Eric Hutchinson
Principal Architect, Kaiser Permanente

"Thanks Andrew for the course on Mastering the SharePoint Framework. I have 10 years of experience in SharePoint development. Most of my Experience is towards server-side code. Your course narrows down the learning path in new SPFx development. Thanks again for enlightening me in SPFx development."

Sundarapandian Balasubramani

"Its taken 3 days but I've written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn't have done it without the awesome @voitanos (by @andrewconnell) Mastering the SharePoint Framework course though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now."

James Brennan

"As a traditional server side SharePoint developer, I found the material new and exciting but also daunting. There is lots to learn here. Andrew offers a course which is on the bleeding edge of SharePoint Web Development, using tools like node, npm, React and TypeScript with an eye to the future with recent updates. His course is extremely up-to-date! Andrew obviously has put a lot of effort into his course and it shows. I highly recommend it."

Marcel Balcarek

"Today is a great day for me because I finally get to retire. But I just wanted to send a word of thanks for all you have given to the SharePoint community. I’ve been doing SharePoint consulting since 2004 and you have always been a great resource for me. I’ve seen you at the conferences, met you at the parties, read your books and followed your blogs. As SharePoint has changed through the years, you were always a go to source with good insight and code examples. So just wanted to say thanks on my way out."

Kyle Peterson
Job Titl

"I follow Andrew for years, and I believe it was around SharePoint 2007 when I found his blog for the first time. Since then I learn so many things from his blog posts and courses. So, when I heard that he was going to release his own SPFx course I have no doubt. I just get it when It became available. And I never regretted. The course provides you so much useful information and it only to us how to use them. I think right now, this is the best SPFx training on the market!"

Tomasz Szulczewski

"Your videos really helped me, and knowing there’s office hours so I can get help is awesome! I love this course! It explains not only how to do things but why they’re done that way, so you actually learn it. My code has improved in function and readability!"

Sam Collins

"My experience with coding prior to your course was all on the job Excel VBA and a little HTML/Javascript. No formal training or courses. Because of my lack of professional training, I really liked the way your course walked me through a project from setting up the tool chain, to creating my first webpart, to the more advanced topics like analytics. I also like that you do spend time talking about the “why” as well because it shows that there is a thought behind it… good or bad. Thanks again for your course! So far I’m on my fourth SPFx/React webpart and hope to have many more!"

Mike Zimmerman

"Just to let you know that I pass the MS-600 exam 😊! Thank you so much for the valuable training materials!"

Franck Silvestre
Technical Director, C-DEV

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  • No discount code is required. The listed price already includes the discount
  • Price reflects 45% discount for the first two hours of the promotion (10a-12p EST Friday, November 25, 2022), then 30% until the end of the promotion
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  • Valid for purchases made between 10AM EST (check your timezone) November 25, 2022 & 11:59PM ET November 28, 2022 - no exceptions

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